The Quality of Time

 Time is such a valuable commodity and we need to acknowledge this at this stage of life.  Therefore we need to focus on it and place it high on our level of importance. It slips past when not controlled or we feel regret when not treated as precious. 

Our sixties decade is ten hole years of possibilities so we need to plan for it, to ensure our quality of time. We must understand the value of these years as we have so much experience of so much, lets make it work for us now.

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 I am single, and over the past few years I have dated quite a few men! To begin with I accepted most requests and sometimes sat for endless hours listening to men speak about themselves, talk about their past, moan about their divorces and winge about how much money they still had to give to their exes!! Their way of impressing me I guess!

I then got a little wiser and after accepting to meet for a drink, I would accept a glass of wine and while drinking this I would assess ‘My Quality of Time’ – to sit and listen to this man and maybe have dinner – or cut it short and say “Thank you so much for the drink, but I’m going to go home now!!”  Because the alternative would be to go home to my bedroom and dive into bed with my laptop, my book, my phone (to laugh with my kids), skype with a girlfriend and have a glass of wine!


Dear Men:

You might think she wants

Your car, your money, and 

Gifts. But the Right Woman

Wants your time, your smile,

Your honesty, your effort 

and you choosing to put her as a priority.


When we speak of time, we usually refer to it as a quantitative measure. How long has it been? How much time have I? When will it start?  But time is not only a matter of quantity; it is a matter of quality as well.


Nowadays few people can imagine what might be meant by the term ‘the quality of time’ yet in times past, the reverse was true. People were very concerned with the quality of time and almost ignored the matter of quantity. The quality of the moment has nothing to do with the amount of time. This term means that each moment or passage of time has a particular quality or flavour, which favours or even causes the appropriate event and happening.

Im am 59 years and preparing for my 60s……….because I want them to be my best ever!   Women today have never been in such good nic and we have a strong mind -set to make things work.  Now please understand, just because I am single, don’t think that I don’t believe that a wonderful marriage or relationship with a man is the ultimate because I do.  What a gift and full marks if you have one, because it means so much effort, an understanding of each other and recognition of self.  But, if you are on your own or in a relationship that is less than perfect – ‘The Quality of Time’ is to be assessed.  And only you can assess this and make a change.


Don’t waste your time

Giving someone a second

Chance, when there is

Someone better out there

Waiting for their first.


Ken Robinson, a wonderful educator and the most listened to speaker on has written The Element.  . in my view, and his, is everyone’s ‘Quality of Time’.

He says “Finding Your Element is a wholehearted attempt to answer questions. It includes basic ideas and principles, practical exercises, a range of tools and techniques and links to other resources. It also has stories from people in all walks of life about how they found their own Element, about what it took to do that, and the difference it has made to them. My reason for telling these stories of other people’s paths is to help you plan yours. I want to inspire you with real examples of how finding your Element can transform your life. I also want to illustrate the obstacles that most people experience along the way, which are an inevitable part of real life.’

The Element allows us to focus on what we are good at, what we are passionate about and leads us to Our Quality of Time based on how we choose to spend it.

Many of you are working women with a responsibility in a business.  Businesses today have a means to an end, and the faster the better. We have mobiles, internet, ipads, Uber and home delivery dinner services. Fast food is the ultimate for eating quickly but disastrous for ‘quality of time’.  Do all these services provide us with quality of time or  are we missing the point?   What is our quality time?

Moving on

Doesn’t mean you

Forget about things.

It means you

Have to accept what

Happened and continue


I had lunch with a friend whilst working in Sri Lanka,  she was Director of an educational institution and was really run down due to illness and simply working too hard.  I listened to her telling herself she had to take time out and should change her work routine; then she said she would consider this at some stage!  She was damaging her Quality of Time and she needed to pay attention to this immediately. It meant there was little quality for herself and therefore to her students and staff.  She knew what she had to do but was procrastinating in changing this important attitude before it damaged her energy and quality of her life.

At the age of 19 my son had just finished two and a half years of compulsory National Service in Singapore and I suggested to him that he do his time line.  He just looked at me as if to say, oh  mum, not that again. 

He did agree and I asked him….What do you see yourself doing in ten years time? And without hesitation he answered “Travelling around the World eating at top restaurants without having to look at the price list”.  I just looked at him because that was a whole lot of ‘stuff’ he would have to put in place in order to get to that!!  We then went on to talk about studying, university, finances, saving etc  and he then said “Goodness Mum, I better get going, I haven’t much time!”  With this realization he didn’t need a time line, he just had to start right then and there! He is now 27, he has bought his first apartment, he works for an international property company which flies him around the world - he is on track! 

I believe we need to do the same thing, to plan our decade ahead so we can assess our quality of time for this period of time. There is so much more we can do if we have planned for it, to be excited, to have anticipation and to believe we can.  It could be fun!  

Ten years, starting today – at any stage of our sixties is a significant length of time and we don’t want to waste it being uncertain.  We need to spend some quality time in to looking forward and indulge ourselves as to what is possible.  How much time have we wasted in the past dithering in deciding what to do rather than be certain what to do?

So start planning, we have to live it so lets make the most of it and check out the possibilities to ensure The Quality of Time in our sixties decade is of value.

The book is available here.

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