10 ways to healthy eating in your 60s


Our body and mind becomes a very precious commodity at this stage of life and we need to care and honour it.  Therefore we must remember that whatever goes into it affects it.  If we want to keep going at top capacity then the fuel we choose and how we care, is important.  The following is worth focusing on:

1.  Use a smaller plate and eat smaller portions.

2.  Do not choose anything in a package where  a preservative, colouring or sugar has been added.

3.  Eat what grows from the ground i.e. fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, eggs etc but not from a supermarket as one never knows how long its taken to get there and then been sitting in warehouses or stores.

4.  Keep to a variety each day to ensure you receive all the vitamins necessary.


5.  Avoid white foods i.e. sugar, flour, rice, pasta - this has normally been processed on whitened!

6.  If you are going to choose a hamburger, pizza, chicken pieces etc don't buy it from a fast food store but make it from scratch using real food which is fresh and healthy.  A home made beef burger can be so tasty and healthy.

7.  Alcohol as a pleasure and a celebration is great for vitality, its when its consumed without focus and we drink too much that it harms our body and mind.

8.  Sugary drinks are the worst.....just don't choose them.  Design your own at home using limes, or pomegranate seeds or water melon or green tea with honey.  Even a pot of hot water with lemon myrtle or mint leaves is delicious.

9. Choose clean food - food which is delicious because it is fresh and simply cooked. Stay away from heavy meals with gravy, colour enhancers, thickners or between white bread!

10. Life starts at 60 and we must treat our bodies with respect in order for them to wake up with us each day with vitality and energy to take us through all the activities we want to do. Go for it!


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