Life's too Short to Wear Beige....or is it?

I always thought that beige was a colour older ladies wore, and possibly in the time of our mothers, it conjured up no style.  When I envisaged beige, I saw a beige suit with a knee length skirt, thick tights and heavy shoes.But look at these styles, beige can be so chic.


 But, if chosen carefully, I recon we would look very debonair in toning colours of brown, beige, white and of course a pair of jeans....try it!  I even think it tones well with silver hair - its quite classy when matching these colours carefully and of course it blends well with a formal pair of trousers or denim.  

Beige bras are a different category!   I now choose bold colours, ones with attitude and feel it brightens any mood. Having watched 'Erin Brocovich' with Julia Roberts who showed her thin bra straps under every blouse, I rather liked the colourful bras and began choosing them not worrying if they showed.  I swore I would never wear a beige bra until I did turn sixty and it was such a value as yes, I wore white shirts more and the beige bra was ideal.  

bras of colour.jpg


So with bras, its personal.  To put on a bra with colour and attitude can make you smile as only you know whats underneath your clothes!!

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StyleChris Vidal