The Pleasure of Cycling

Our sixties is all about enjoyment, the ability to make a decision and to be in a carefree state of mind.  Thats our right.  And this is where a bicycle allows so much of this to happen.  Leave the car at home and decide....where to go, who to see, what to wear, where to stop?  One can take off each day on a mission of 'not a lot' but to return having had a mini adventure.

Many spend hundreds if not thousands booking into a retreat or going on holiday to some exotic resort. This is absolutely fine but there is another choice - take off on a bicycle for the day. The value to our health, state of mind and peacefulness is huge. This is local, inexpensive and it’s all about us. No crowds in airports, public transport, no delays or frustrations with cancellations or delays.


Im not talking about racing in pairs or a group of fanatics, but just you.  To dress in something comfortable, yet chic, to be colourful (so you are seen) yet padded.... (gel seats help with comfort for the buttocks)!  A visor under a helmet, which is a must as we value our brains more than ever, and either a back pack or flowers in the front basket -  why not!!  A pair of sunglasses so we can stare endlessly, not necessarily for the glare!

ladies on a bike.jpg

Or, go with friends, in a small group, to amble somewhere beautiful. Along a river or near the beach,  stop for a coffee and watch the hustle and bustle of others with families, kids and chaos!  While you have time on your side to just do.

Take off to somewhere!  Will we be in the mood to amble on down the same road as before, a comfort of know where we are?  Or to set off on another route along the coast, through the town, aim for a beautiful park or head to the fruit shop which is just a little far to walk!

And pack a book or a magazine as to take that moment of time to park the bike by a tree and sit on a bench for a while and indulge in reading in the open air, would be a luxury to some.  It is a time to then close your eyes, listen to sounds around and inhale the air.  Take deep breaths and fill you lungs then slowly and purposely let it out and sit still.   Its a fast world we live in and in our sixties we can still appreciate the still and the quiet and the ‘not so fast’.  The younger generations have their slow time, but its watching a video, a tube or on snapchat.  Oh dear!


 A bicycle is a simple mode of transport which gives us peace of mind, a time to ponder and view the local world around us.  We can nod at people or simply pass them by knowing they are there and probably wishing they had a bike like yours. Enjoy!

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LifestyleChris Vidal