Flowers Lift The Heart...

Flowers have always been such a big part of my life, I love them.  I notice beautiful flowers everywhere as their beauty and simplicity in creation is quite emotional for me.  Its a teaching to keep things simple then you see the beauty in it.  My son and daughter send me the most beautiful flowers for my birthday as we are not normally in the same country, and to be honest, thats what I look forward to.  Its an overwhelming emotion that they have planned the order,  they know what I love to receive and ensure its followed by a long phone call to listen to my overly dramatic reaction on receiving them!  Then I nurture them to last as long as possible.  


Every country has their own beautiful flowers to be seen at markets, flower shops, restaurants, hotel lobbies and gardens.  So to pause and study the intricacy to their design is a treat, especially when they are growing from a wall, shooting out of a pavement or somehow, out of a building wall!  


Its the time we take to notice them and in our sixties we find the time.  Its important to notice the simplicity of beauty and we need to do this to accept that our beauty is simple and we don't really need to do too much except feed the inner body to reveal this beauty.  Nourishing ourselves with simple wholesome  foods to bring out the beauty in our skin, our hair, our teeth and vitality can be simple.  We have lived through many creations of fake food, stimulants and botox - move on, enjoy the simple things.  Normally they work best.


Above we have the simple frangipani and the stunning kale flower, one doesn't have to spend money. So, surround yourself by beautiful flowers - one or two is enough, have them in a vase where you sit whether it be at work, your dressing table, by the bed or in the bathroom......notice the simplicity of their beauty and embrace it. 

Chris Vidal