Deep Water Exercise

It has to be the best exercise of all - deep water running.  Whether its kicking, stretching, swirling - anything you choose, in water, its of great benefit to the body!  With a water belt or a noodle, a kicking board or a ring - moving against the density of water is both pleasurable and so good for you.

And.... you don't need to get your hair wet....seriously!

I ache and no matter what; when I get out of bed in the morning, or after sitting for a long time, I need to move, to stretch and to alleviate the stiffness in my body.  Taking long strides and moving my arms is wonderful as it releases the stress and tension while I walk.

But, nothing compared to half an hour in a pool with a noodle!

So, get your swimsuit on, head to the pool with a noodle and get ready to work it out.

1.  Walk into the shallow end and start with long sides walking from one side of the shallow end to the other.  Faster, stronger longer.....feel the tension in the water.  Do 10

2.  Now place your noodle under your bottom and sit on it as if on a swing.  Using your arms plough through the water and head up the lanes sweeping your hands and arms through the water. Do 5

3.  Place the noodle under your arms and across your back, hanging on to the ends with your hands.  As if on a bicycle ride your legs forward up the lanes using all the power you can. Do 5

4.  Placing yourself in the deep end place the noodle under your arms and across you back and twist your hips as if you are doing THE TWIST - moving from the waist and turning your head each time to look behind you. Do 20

5.  Now lie on your back with the noodle under your waist , with your hands hanging on to the ends and sweep your legs in a breast -stroke movement with a huge sweep of your hips and thighs so you feel the wide opening in your hips.  head up the lane and do 2 lengths.

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WellbeingChris Vidal