Making New Friends


We should be really good at this by now, but somehow its not a priority.  I believe its due to busy-ness and routine and not going out of our way to focus on it.  Most of us are surrounded by family and friends we have had for a long time, we are comfortable in ourselves and for those with a partner, its time consuming!

For others, if circumstances have changed, we are faced with self doubt, loneliness and the courage to approach someone.  Turn it around.  Isn't it wonderful when someone else makes that effort and pays you attention, shows an interest in your life and wants to know more?  Thats as simple as it gets really.  

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As I always say at the beginning of our Meet Ups, its the best time ever to be sixty as the possibilities are endless, and making new friends is one of them.  There are Meet Up groups all over the world, libraries with group learning or social connections for us to attend.  Then there are clubs and sporting activities i.e. golf, swimming, walking, bridge, mahjong, book clubs and church groups.  

Being new at something is always uncomfortable, so one has to become 'familiar' to then be confident in a new surrounding.  Being regular at any activity leads to being familiar with people, but when that happens it fills your soul with happiness.  

Can you imagine if you focused on meeting and putting energy on one new friend a month? That would be 12 new friends in a year, 24 in two years.  Out of those, some will stay and some will go and you may be involved with invitations that will take you to activities, gatherings and valuable connections you may never have imagined.  Everyone has their own social circle and its only when you step out of yours, that you will find others.  

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