Its the Best Time Ever to be Sixty!


Its the best time ever to be in our 60s.'

So we have a whole decade ahead of us – our 60s – and it can start right now.  Lets get excited as it’s a whole ten years to do anything we choose.  We can actually start at the beginning of something and have the time to do things right, or at least have a chance to plan something then execute it knowing someone has accomplished this before.  Thinking back on our twenties or thirties, we were totally irresponsible in our judgment or decision making and we must have had far less money than we have now, (even if we don’t have that much now), so really it’s a no brainer, we can do what we want.

At that stage we did make decisions and weren’t we brave looking back.  We had no experiences to refer to, we listened to others opinions and were guided by those who didn’t really know what we wanted.  So as compared, we are now wiser, we have got to know ourselves pretty well and its probably the last time we have an opportunity to start something amazing …… ever again!

And it has to be now because it’s the chance to do something before we become too old and forgetful!  I know you will be experiencing this, but it’s the memory that tests us most.  It's exhausting remembering the little things like our codes, account numbers, our spectacles, wallets and what we left in our other handbag!  

And our bodies!  They will last the decade ahead but we can't wait as we need all the help we can muster so our bodies need to be in good ‘nic’ in order to plan sensibly and look after this precious commodity.

I believe that our sixties were given to us - between our fifties and seventies - as a last chance before we give ourselves the right to hang loose and sit back to reflect on life, which are the pleasures of the seventies and eighties.  Our 60s will allow us to take a chance to do something we have either longed to do, or missed out on, or pile into ten years a whole lot of happiness and adventure.

If that sounds appealing to you, then read on! 

Life is what you Make It’ is for most of us.  And if we are in this category, we should feel privileged and with a conscience to do something worthwhile as we have been given this opportunity.  Its not for everyone as some suffer life’s struggles and are unable to gain from this privilege.  

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When I turned 50, it just happened!  I remember a couple of months before my daughter asked me how I wanted to celebrate and I was confused.  Firstly I didn’t  feel 50, I didn’t want to be 50 and I didn’t want to celebrate as it had just snuck up and I wasn’t ready. But a colleague at work, who was much older, turned to me and said, ”For goodness sake, just celebrate that you are still alive and healthy!”.

I was stunned as she was right!  So I changed my mindset and my daughter was allowed to organize a great celebration.  My motto since has been:

Never Miss an Opportunity!

So with this in mind, I have been quite thoughtful towards how I feel that my 60s are ahead of me and instead of being full of in-trepidation, I’m actually quite excited as I am in control. Since being in this frame of mind I have been very aware of my friends being quite anti about this stage of life and some just presume it’s a stage to be negative, difficult and depressed!  And this leads to choices.

At various stages of life we have choices.  If you are at the same stage as I am then you probably just got on with life and didn’t look further than what you did at the time.  I went to school, trained and became a teacher and taught.  That was it.  Yes we had school guidance counsellors who asked us if everything was in order but no-one really went through all the options, and my mother was a teacher, so that was it!

So lets do it now!  Lets really sit down and find out:

What do we want to do?

What can we do?

What is an exciting possibility?

What’s this all about, really?

Is this something that could really put zest into my life?

Is the possibility a reality?

You see, what would we feel if we never did anything and never knew what the possibilities were? I’m writing this book to discover the answers and to take a leap of faith in myself to go against the odds and ensure I never say…….I wish I had!  

Ive had the best life and I would not change a thing, just because Plan A didn’t eventuate, it doesn’t mean it wasn't meant to be as if my life’s route hadn’t had a few bends, right and left turns – I wouldn’t be sitting here now and writing this.   

Lovely to be in contact with you.

Chris Vidal


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