Iman on turning 60

Iman who is now 65 and still modelling, 2 years after the death of husband David Bowie said

On turning 60: "Yikes! Besides my foot and my accessory-challenged world, I feel pretty good. I feel really healthy, loved, blessed, and I’ve never been more comfortable being inside myself. I’ve been forced to sit still. I tell my younger friends, “Don’t be afraid of change. That is when you really see what your destiny is.” We are always trying to hustle and flow, trying to make things happen. I used to be like that, too. I asked my husband once when he knew he wanted to be a musician. He said at the age of 7. When you have that, the universe will conspire for things to happen since you don’t see anything else. But for average people who don’t have that kind of passion, things happen for ourselves when we let them.


When you are forced to sit still, you really see, as with everything that happened to me. I stumbled into modeling, I had never even heard about it or seen fashion magazines. And makeup — opening my own cosmetics company was the same way. And with my husband, I’d been to his concerts and invited backstage, but never went. But when the time was right, the path was clear, we met. That “aha” moment just revealed myself. That also comes about with wellness. Sit quiet and let it be and reveal itself."

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