The Internet


The Internet for us Sixties is like having the biggest ever library plus the most modern museum, a ginormous encyclopaedia, a mega university, the government, a massive art gallery, an opera house, a theatre, a scientific laboratory and a space lab - all in our home!

We have a choice to watch thousands of movies,  listen to incredible people speak on every topic possible and an endless list of books to read.  In our home!  

We can learn to play an instrument, study a subject or learn a language, apply for a job, connect with anyone around the world and become involved with a charity, a cause worldwide and investigate any health issue whilst listening to meditative music.  In our home!

We can choose from a vast list of travel agents or view the best deals on offer to visit beautiful, exciting and fascinating destinations around the world - or a Cruise to everywhere.  In our home!

Its quite incredible.  Therefore we must embrace this amazing phenomenon and make full use of its value to us at this stage.  Its also ever changing and updating all information both past and present.  


If you haven't been involved with the Internet at all or that much, its not so bad.  For those of us who began to use it years ago, we witnessed many changes as early development took place.  If you are now  involved and fairly new to it all,  there are hands on or online courses and instruction material to make your introduction easy.  If you become part of the Apple family, most of their stores offer tuition and these classes are mostly attended by those in their 50s and 60s.  Search for any class on and there is a video on everything you need to know.

One of the best places to learn before you do anything is your local library.  They are equipped with computers, printers and books to start you on your journey.  And there are free classes for you to join, again mostly attended by us ladies eager to learn.

The most important thing is to investigate and have a go.  Not much can be lost or broken so invest in an iPad or iPhone to start with and have the most amazing journey as you discover the world of the Internet.

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