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“If the modern consumer cares about the appearance of their skin, accelerated ageing and invests in a quality regime, it makes sense that this regime includes nourishment from within at cellular level. Otherwise it’s understood, you are treating the symptom, not the cause. Nourishing your body with absorbable plant-based nutrients with a high efficacy is simply a no-brainer.”
Andrea Horwood, CEO & Co-Founder.


I love this website as if you have followed Elle Macpherson and noted her wellness, one wants to know how!  Although 10 years younger than us sixty year olds, she has spent a lifetime caring about her body.  This site sells us products that work for her, and I believe works well for us.  Have a look.


One thing that makes huge sense to me is Elle Macpherson's belief that if you keep your body alkaline, you will avoid most diseases caused by inflammation i.e. cancer.  I have litmus paper at home and regularly test my acidic levels as changing your diet to focus on balancing by choosing clean green food, keeps your ph levels at bay.

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