Valuable Videos worth Watching

I am always hungry to learn and at this age and stage in life, we can.  The Internet makes this so easy and I find endless hours are consumed with being led on to a fascinating or entertaining video clip on youtube, Facebook and others.  So I've saved some which I have received from others and believe will be valuable for you. Of course, I hope you will share them with others......enjoy!

If you go to youtube and search for:

'The ten best concerts of all time'  you will be lead to Billy Joel, Rod Stewart, Pink Floyd

'How to learn anything in half the time' and Jim Kwik will show you how.

'How to cook salmon' and Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver will show you.

'How to stretch your hamstrings' and various videos will assist you.


'Top songs from Musicals' to listen to Cabaret, Les Miserables, Cats and more.

'Gardening tips for vegetables' and you will view ten simple tips for successful veggie gardening.

'Keeping fit in your Sixties' and you will view a selection of exercises and advice.



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