The Happiness Jar

I was told about this by a group of girls in the boarding house where I was working. I loved the idea!

Write down something that made you happy every day, then open the jar in a month and read about all the amazing things that happened.'  Of course you could then continue every month for a year!


Sometimes you are away from home, in an unfamiliar place, visiting a friend or on vacation. Or you are at home and things are the same and you are in the same routine day after day. It’s something like ‘The Happiness Jar’ which takes you to look at life differently and consider actions, gestures and planning to ensure that happiness is a part of your day. When you focus on something, it can turn your intentions to another level.

Only positive pieces can go into the jar therefore one has to make an effort to change your perspective and make a point to consider this. One then notices the little things in life, through nature possibly, which adds value to your day. The comforts we have and others may not, the food we eat, the people who surround us and the opportunities we are offered. ‘The Happiness Jar’ could be a gift you give to someone else, a beautiful glass jar with a ribbon and card with lengths of paper to write on each day.

This is also a gift to yourself and I am hoping you may want to share something inspirational with us sixty year olds - we would consider it a gift!

If you have a comment or some information to add, please email me here.

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