Life is Too Short to Wear Boring Clothes...

This is what we are saying about our sense of dress and how others see us sixty year olds. Growing Bolder is so powerful, a time to strut as we feel good - its takes a change, an open view....then when others just open their eyes and say 'wow you look fab, what have you done?'


  1. Mature people , when they enjoy life like this , are MAGIC.She is beautiful.

  2. This is how I’d love to be in 30 years from now! Magnificient!

grey clothes.jpg

Wow. that is simply beautiful.
I love beauty in it’s natural element, in the real world. keep it up!

Its captured through a single photo the definition of elegance.


She is radiant! Women carry themselves so naturally. The clothing is beautiful and highlights who they are not the other way around . Thank you for reminding me why I love fashion.

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Casual and comfortable - and looks good!


Patterns and fabrics which compliment...

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