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I am sharing with you a program I strongly suggest we all watch and share with others. It hits at reality about our health and exercise and instils as to how important this is to keep our bodies strong as we grow into 'Life's Third Act' as suggested by Jane Fonda ( 

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Around 11 million Australians have one of eight major chronic conditions – that’s almost half the population. Conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and mental illness can develop in many ways but lack of physical activity is a primary risk factor. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has called chronic disease “the biggest health challenge that Australia faces” but is that message motivating us to make lifestyle changes and exercise more? 

Kristel Wilson

"I was quite active before I started getting sick and so once I got on that bike and my heart was racing, I felt good again just for that brief minute … I hadn't felt [that] for so long because I'd been sick prior to the operation and chemo."

Andrew Burge

"I was aware of the benefits of exercise to your health, but specifically to recover from an operation [for cancer], no, it wasn't front of mind for me at all. It was quite a revelation to me the benefits that it held."

Ceris Lane

"I've been doing HIIT [high intensity exercise] for over a year now, almost two years, and I found it really invaluable in helping me to manage my bipolar disorder … I've got all these intense emotions going on and it's a way of kind of channelling them that's less risky."

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The Program Insight hosted by Jenny Brockie, who herself is in her sixties, has incredible value.

Watch it here.

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