Support the Girls Australia

Homeless and disadvantaged women from all cultures across Australia are in DESPERATE  need of bras and personal hygiene  products and toiletries. Too many are choosing food over their personal hygiene.

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One of the goals of Support Girls Australia is to ensure that we empower and encourage self esteem and wellbeing in women and girls by supplying them with the crucial items they require to facilitate their overall health.


Support The Girls is a registered Charity committed to empowering and supporting homeless and displaced women/girls with bras, sanitary items and give them the opportunity to rise with dignity and respect. It starts with a professionally fitted bra and compassion. Our focus is to help women find their purpose and support them through that journey. Support The Girls is a charity committed to empowering women that are disadvantaged no matter what their age or race. Our main focus is on homeless women, domestic violence victims and anyone else in need.

We operate on several levels. Our first purpose is to empower with with a sense of self esteem by providing them with bras, new underwear, toiletries etc

Our most important aim is to get women off the streets. We hope to have our first house operating on the Gold Coast early 2017. This will allow us to support women from the streets into transitional housing. We believe every single women has a skill that they can share with their community. We want to support them with a multidisciplinary team to find that hidden talent.

We assist women directly on the streets, in emergency shelters, youth hostels and the elderly. Our goal is to empower any women that is disadvantaged in any way.

Have a lunch, a gathering, or go buy bras at the App Shops and support this cause:

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