Choosing your Spectacles

I have noticed the decline of my eyesight for the last few years. I used to have perfect eyesight in my fifties but just recently the world has become a blur! I now go every year to choose my spectacles, complimentary due to my medical package and, to be honest, I really love the latest designs. I do think us sixty year olds look dam good in a stylish pair of specs!


I take myself off and have my eyes checked and slowly but surely the change of lens magnification is changing noticeably. Many advise that the $10 pairs in the Reject Shops will not aid my eyesight but to be honest some are quite trendy and I do have a few in the glove drawer in the car, the bathroom cupboard and near the TV. Just incase! You can never have too many pairs of glasses.

I am not a ‘string around my neck person’, I keep mine on my head mostly as have got to know exactly where they are! They also keep my hair out of my eyes so have a duel purpose. They have become a part of my life, and I’m not minding them that much.

So to the design. We have every shape, material, colour and design available to us. Some are hugely expensive and they scare me as I know these are the ones I will lose. The cheap ones stay with you much longer for some reason.


After my eye examination I am shown which price category I am to select from. Of course the ones you really want are in the more expensive section but I continue to hunt. I end up with two pairs, normally quite different to each other and I seldom listen to advice given by the salesgirls. I have in the past and recon I now know what suits and what doesn’t.


I love the tortoise colour as they make you look quite ‘knowing’ about things, the opaque ones are very staging and of course the many colours - pinks, blues, reds and a favourite is orange - are just fun! Its always a coincidence if they match my clothes or beads; friends comment on how trendy I look but of course it’s never planned. Black ones have that ‘she is corporate’ look and many of the stranger shapes are always a hit and make you look ‘interesting’.


So take yourself in to your optician and have some fun!

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