The Age-Well Project

'The essential mid-life mum makeover. From fitness to sleep and even your social life, a brilliant new book by two 50-something mothers reveals how to protect your health and happiness' Daily Mail

I wrote to Annabel and Susan directly as I had to share their book! It’s everything we ask questions about at our age and they have put all answers and suggestions into one book. Thank you ladies. If you need a worthwhile gift for a girlfriend at our age, this is it!

Diseases of older age take root decades before symptoms appear. For a longer, happier life, we need to plan ahead - but what exactly should we do?

For five years, Annabel Streets and Susan Saunders immersed themselves in the latest science of longevity, radically overhauling their lives and documenting their findings on their popular blog.

After reading hundreds of studies and talking to numerous experts, Annabel and Susan have compiled almost 100 short cuts to health in mid and later life, including: how, when and what to eat; the supplements worth taking; when, where and how to exercise; the most useful medical tests; how to avoid health-threatening chemicals; the best methods for keeping the brain sharp; and how to sleep better.


Check out as it is for anyone who wants to make the second half of their life as healthy, happy and disease-free as possible.

We’ve watched family members succumb to heart disease, cancer, dementia and diabetes and want to do everything we can to reduce our risk of suffering the same fate. For the last five years, we’ve immersed ourselves in the latest medical studies, radically overhauled our lives, and documented our findings here on this blog.

The Age-Well Project documents everything we’ve discovered along the way, and how we’ve applied it to busy lives which include full-time careers, raising six children and caring for several elderly parents. So please join us as we try to age well: we can all change the way we age. This is where you find out how.

The Age-Well Project is an essential handbook for making the second half of your life happy, healthy and disease-free.

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