Ho Ching: Wife of Singapore's PM

I was born in Singapore in 1956 and loved my life, which has been full in adventure and experience for me. Then I check out Ho Ching, now 66 years old and wow, what a fuller life she has led! I witnessed the growth of Singapore, from a simple island with coconut and rubber fields with no high rise building to what it is today. And this lady, Ho Ching was in the centre of this development.


Ho Ching has been at Singapore's sovereign wealth fund Temasek for 16 years and has helped its portfolio grow to over $235 billion.

  • Temasek was one of the main investors in a $14 billion dollar fundraising round by Ant Financial, an affiliate of Alibaba.

  • Ching opened offices in San Francisco last year and poured over a quarter of Temasek's money into sectors like life sciences, tech and agribusiness.

  • Ho Ching is also the wife of Singaporean Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong.