Style with a Scarf

Style with a Scarf adds colour, design, flare and of course attitude to any outfit!

We can wear them on our head, around our neck, wound around our wrist , some add them to their shoes, a little tie around the ankle or to add colour to our handbags! The choices are vast. I love scarves and when one dresses them well, they have an air of grace. I look around at us sixty year olds and am in awe of the way we choose to tie them, to hold them or merely to just play with them!

Jane Fonda looking quiet demure!

Jane Fonda looking quiet demure!

This important accessory is always good to have just incase! Just incase you are invited to lunch and you can whip it on to add flare to your outfit. Maybe the aircon is too cold and you may choose to throw it over your shoulders - or over your knees!


The colours and patterns are vast; choosing the same colour enhances the dress or top, a patterned scarf adds texture to your outfit. Then there are tassels, lace and bobbles which are fun to have.


We don’t see so many headscarfs these days, but I believe that a beautifully made up face which many sixty year olds manage well, this looks stunning and there are many styles to work with.


If you look on the internet and search for ‘How to Tie a Scarf’ many videos will appear. One I like is My Top 10 Ways to Tie a Scarf by Dominique Sachse who has a style of her own!


A scarf can be that accessory which changes an outfit dramatically.


A flash of pink to complement your shoes is dramatic and brings the whole outfit together. Play around and have some fun, look in magazines and shop windows and purchase a few scarves to change the look of your wardrobe.

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StyleChris Vidal