I put some eggs into a pot on the stove to make myself egg mayo for lunch. Then the phone rang so I walked outside to chat when I noticed some weeds in the garden. Chatting away, I enjoyed the bending and stretching with the sun on my back. When I had finished chatting I put the phone down and noticing more weeds I stretched into the flower beds.

That is when II smelt the burning! Oh no, not again…..I had forgotten the eggs on the stove and by the time I got there, there were four burnt eggs and a damaged pan. This ‘problem’ did actually start many years ago when I was making lunch for my kids when they came home from school. I am often reminded! I always enjoyed preparing lunch and got excited for my son and daughter to burst through the door. However, it was the last minute of browning the home made pies, or stirring in the meat to the pasta or finishing off the pizza in the oven when it went wrong.

I would be watching the clock and nearing the time, I would be finishing off their meals when the phone would ring, someone would arrive at the door, a favourite program came on the TV or I may have remembered I had not finished the ironing. Oh oh… my focus was diverted and you know what happened.

Now that I am in my sixties, I realise that it is more important to focus and concentrate on the job in hand, but a step further is to ALWAYS USE A TIMER. in fact, when we are doing something like ironing or cooking ….it would be smart to set a timer for no other reason but to be alerted of the time. At 63 years of age, I am forgetful and understand it may get worse. Therefore I am setting down some rules and writing Post It Notes to ensure I am aware of my intention.

I would still like to produce a beautifully created pie without the dreadful finale of the ‘burnt top’ which is so demoralising! And if you are a top chef, a mother who indulges in her cooking or a lady at home who wants to stay safe……….ALWAYS USE A TIMER!

LifestyleChris Vidal