Park your Partner...


When we ladies reach our sixties, we know what we want. We know what makes us happy and we know the company we want to be in. I have listened to many women at our Meet Up groups who are now confident, happy and eager to go on adventures and meet new people to see the world.

But their partners don’t! They are happy at home, content to be in a familiar place and in many cases, enjoy their own peace and quiet. So is it time then to ‘Park your Partner’ and head off on your own adventure? You have both got to know each other quite well by this time and a conversation to plan ahead could bring up some interesting ideas and compromises for both of you.

Many women travel solo these days or as part of singles tours with ladies who prefer to travel on their own but who are not necessarily single in the sense of having no partner. They just prefer the company of female travelling companions at the time, for whatever reason – maybe to enjoy their own company, do girlie things such as shopping trips, massages and facials, sightseeing tours or luxury cruises. It doesn’t have to be for a lengthy period of time, but to get away and indulge in women’s company for a few days or a week or two, could be a tonic for your soul. And his!


If your male partner is set in his ways, enjoys the sofa in front of his TV watching his favourite sport, let him! He may consider this such a treat, but ensure the fridge is full of goodies, and the freezer full of microwavable dishes. Happy chappy and you can set off with no regrets.

Today’s women are bolder, more curious and adventurous. Many of us want to travel, experience other cultures, learn new things and even live somewhere else for a while to be amongst people in another environment. We should follow our dreams, change our routines and explore the possibilities adventures bring. We can then return home re-charged and share our experiences with our partners who have just as likely had an enjoyable time as well.


The ladies in my Meet Up group are excited to return and share their experience. They say things like:

“Its the first time I haven’t travelled with Mike for 30 years, and it was actually enjoyable.!”

“I wanted to go and he didn’t, so we each set out our plan for the week, me on a woman’s trip and him with his mates. It worked out so well, Im planning my next trip!”

“I had so much fun with my girlfriends, Fred would have hated it! I felt like a young girl again.”

Our sixties decade is for us to continue to create our life’s stories and we are the author. There is so much for us to do and it’s important we make it happen. Get out with your girlfriends and ‘Park your Partner' for a while, go have some girl fun!

LifestyleChris Vidal