I believe that our sixties decade is a gift between our fifties and seventies to do something special. Its a chance to start something new, to fulfil a desire, to test our capabilities or to simply look after ourselves to be ready for our seventies decade.

My name is Chris Vidal and I live on the Gold Coast, Australia.  Although Plan A or B of my life didn't work as I had planned, I’m loving life as it is and enjoying the company of many in my decade.  

I was excited to turn sixty a few years ago as I realized that I had ten years of being sixty and I was in control of planning this decade to make it count for something.  The woman in her sixties is so capable, emotionally intelligent and experienced in many of life’s skills.  It’s a stage to use our talents and expertise to move forward and decide …what’s next?

It’s not a time to slow down, on the contrary it is a time to step up.  Let us build up our confidence in trying the unknown, to be bold in joining a new group or changing our routine.  To become our healthiest ever in order to keep our bodies and mindset ready for anything.  It could be exciting!

I have created this community website for us to connect and share our stories.  If you would like to write a blog about something you feel strongly about or to share your story, it would be my pleasure to make this happen.  If you have started a new business, experienced a change in work or your business, maybe you have been through a health challenge, travelled somewhere amazing or just had a huge laugh – we would love to share this with others.  

Us sixty year olds all have a story to share!

Keep in touch and join our ‘Inner Circle’ at the bottom of the website for more of a personal connection.

Best wishes

Chris Vidal